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GuruShots™ is an online gaming platform for photographers that is fun, social and educational.

Whether you are a budding hobbyist or a seasoned professional, GuruShots™ offers photographers a fresh and captivating way to share their passion, talent and insight with fellow enthusiasts from across the globe.

World's greatest live photo challenges

We bring you fast-paced, live and interactive events offering meaningful recognition, exciting real-time dynamics and the opportunity to win cash and gear prizes.

Each GuruShots™ challenge is run by award-winning photographers who provide mentorship throughout as members submit images, vote/comment on each others’ work, track individual ranking progress in-real time and earn their way through Popular, Skilled, Premier, Elite and All Star levels.

  • 1827
    Nicéphore Niépce,

    French inventor of the first successful camera

  • 1975
    The first digital camera

    was developed by Steven Sasson, an enginner at Kodak

  • Present
    The world's most expensive DSLR camera,

    the Hasselblad H4D-60, has a 60 megapixel sensor

We created GuruShots™ out of our own
love of photography

GuruShots™ was created by photography-lovers in response to the over-saturation of meaningless images that we all experience online every single day.

As such, our driving belief is that good photography is what matters most, not receiving a few votes from friends or how many followers you have.

With GuruShots™, whether you reign victorious and swoop yourself cash and gear prizes or not, everybody wins a vibrant social experience and mentorship that encourages members to improve and build confidence in their craft together.